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A Solo Journey into the Heart of Mental Health and the Impact of Reaching Out
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A Solo Journey into the Heart of Mental Health and the Impact of Reaching Out

When was the last time you truly reached out to someone struggling with their mental health? Join me as I embark on a solo journey through the complex terrain of our psyche. This episode is as upfront and raw as they come, as I navigate this path alone, without the usual back-and-forth with guests, a reflection on the power of communication unfolds—a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a message or a check-in to potentially save a life.

The episode takes a turn down a darker alley when we confront suicide awareness head-on. I share a piece of myself, discussing my father's passing and my personal bouts with chronic suicidality, while weaving in the importance of breaking the silence that so often surrounds depression. You'll hear why a listener's concern, like April's, is not just heartwarming but could be life-changing. The dialogue may drift into the realm of dark humor and personal anecdotes, but the undercurrent is clear: openness about such tough subjects can be a lifeline. So, let's talk, let's laugh, and most importantly, let's listen—because this is a conversation about mental health that aims to resonate with you on a human level, offering both solace and understanding.

f our divided world.

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NewsBreak | Contributor                                      

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 Kevin Kline |


"I have hosted radio shows for over 30 years and Kevin is one of the best interviewers I have encountered. He is prepared, curious, and able to elicit the interesting and thought-provoking content that makes his podcast outstanding! He should give lessons to other podcasters!! The Fuzzy Mic makes you think, feel, and learn!


Karen Conti: Famed Attorney / Author of "Killing Time with John Wayne Gacy: Defending America's Most Evil Serial Killer on Death Row"

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""It was awesome!  Totally unlike any of the others I’ve done and ten times better!  It felt like I was having a beer, shooting the shit with an old buddy!"


Bobby Sexton: Certified Mental Performance Coach (

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"We have been working with Kevin for quite a while for UGC content for our agency clients, and I can honestly say he's one of the best content creators we have had the pleasure of working with. 

Not only does his content look great but also we have found multiple winning ads with his footage, where we spent over five figures in ad spend.

Kevin is a kind, cheerful, dedicated, and highly professional creator who uses the best equipment and always delivers what was agreed on time."


Content Marketing Manager at Blazer Agency

"I reviewed the footage you sent and I gotta say that I love it. You definitely nailed the improv part and the overall direction you took with the script and the instructions I gave you. The audio is crisp and clear. Thank you!"

Alessandro P.

Working with Kevin has been a wonderful experience. He's friendly, easygoing, and professional. Most importantly, he produces uniquely engaging work--he's a great performer. I'd definitely recommend anyone working with Kevin who has the opportunity! 


- Carlotta with LeadsMarket

Kevin is the BEST of the BEST! I am so happy with his videos - in my top 2 favorite videos we have ever used. He exceeded all expectations with creative, adding in B-roll and secondary shots/videos, and going above and beyond the script - making it feel compelling & exciting. He has my HIGHEST recommendation and will be using him again!


Best actor! Very professional and friendly! Fulfilled my order with quality and to all requirements! Really enjoyed working with him:) I recommend to everyone who wants to get their orders quickly and to a high standard. Thank you!

- Ksenia_media

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