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Battling Inertia For Mental Health
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Battling Inertia For Mental Health

When the odds are stacked high and life throws every conceivable challenge your way, some give up, but not Jim Tietjens. Striding through a storm of health battles that would test the mettle of the strongest souls, Jim's story is nothing short of miraculous. From guarding soccer goalposts with unmatched fervor to enduring two heart transplants, a kidney transplant, and cancer, his life is a testament to human resilience. Our conversation takes a journey through the emotional labyrinth of facing the same heart condition that tragically cut short the lives of his family members, and how the dreams of becoming a husband and father fueled his indomitable will to survive.

The heartbeat of this episode lies in the raw, powerful experiences Jim shares, proving that a foundation built on discipline, mentorship, and teamwork can be a lifeline through life's toughest trials. We gain insight into how the discipline from Jim's youth, the absence of a father figure, and the lessons from the soccer field and Catholic school shaped a leader who faced down death with the strategy of an elite athlete. The parallels between the sports arena and the battlefields of medical intervention are striking, with Jim highlighting the significance of robust support networks, both on the pitch and during his tenure at Barnes Hospital.

To cap off this compelling episode, we witness the profound human connections that transcend the world of sports into everyday heroism. Jim's role at Rawlings not only colored the pages of Major League Baseball history but also underscored the invaluable impact of community support and personal relationships in our professional endeavors. His book "Saves" and his induction into the Soccer Hall of Fame stand as beacons of hope and celebration of a life lived fiercely against the odds. Join us for this inspiring journey with Jim Tietjens, where each chapter of adversity is met with courage and every setback paves the way for another remarkable comeback.

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Tuttle & Kline Podcast


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NewsBreak | Contributor                                      

 Kevin Kline |


"I have hosted radio shows for over 30 years and Kevin is one of the best interviewers I have encountered. He is prepared, curious, and able to elicit the interesting and thought-provoking content that makes his podcast outstanding! He should give lessons to other podcasters!! The Fuzzy Mic makes you think, feel, and learn!


Karen Conti: Famed Attorney / Author of "Killing Time with John Wayne Gacy: Defending America's Most Evil Serial Killer on Death Row"

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""It was awesome!  Totally unlike any of the others I’ve done and ten times better!  It felt like I was having a beer, shooting the shit with an old buddy!"


Bobby Sexton: Certified Mental Performance Coach (

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"I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kevin Kline on 'The Fuzzy Mic' podcast, and it was an experience beyond my expectations. Kevin's warmth and professionalism immediately put me at ease, creating an environment where I could openly share my thoughts and ideas."

Deborah Driggs: Life Coach, Author, March 1990 Playboy Playmate

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"I really enjoyed being on Kevin’s podcast. He was easy to talk to. I felt like we were sitting in my living room talking like friends even though I just met him. Highly recommend him." Naomi Swartzentruber: Author, The Amazing Adventures of an Amish Stripper

Naomi Swartzentruber.jpg

Working with Kevin has been a wonderful experience. He's friendly, easygoing, and professional. Most importantly, he produces uniquely engaging work--he's a great performer. I'd definitely recommend anyone working with Kevin who has the opportunity! 


- Carlotta with LeadsMarket

Kevin is the BEST of the BEST! I am so happy with his videos - in my top 2 favorite videos we have ever used. He exceeded all expectations with creative, adding in B-roll and secondary shots/videos, and going above and beyond the script - making it feel compelling & exciting. He has my HIGHEST recommendation and will be using him again!


Best actor! Very professional and friendly! Fulfilled my order with quality and to all requirements! Really enjoyed working with him:) I recommend to everyone who wants to get their orders quickly and to a high standard. Thank you!

- Ksenia_media

"We have been working with Kevin for quite a while for UGC content for our agency clients, and I can honestly say he's one of the best content creators we have had the pleasure of working with. 

Not only does his content look great but also we have found multiple winning ads with his footage, where we spent over five figures in ad spend.

Kevin is a kind, cheerful, dedicated, and highly professional creator who uses the best equipment and always delivers what was agreed on time."


Content Marketing Manager at Blazer Agency

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